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Putting On a Chastity Device

Putting On a Chastity Device

The first thing you must do when fitting any two-piece chastity device is to put on the cock ring. It is this ring which holds the whole device in place and secure on your body. How it fits is very important. All being well you will have carefully measured yourself for your ring before buying your device.

Fitting the Cock Ring:
Whether you choose a solid or hinged ring will be a matter of personal choice, and what’s available for your preferred design of chastity device.

Hinged Ring. Some chastity devices have hinged rings which are considered to be easier to fit, than solid rings, but some men find the hinge itself a little uncomfortable. To fit a hinged ring:

* Open the ring as wide as it will go
* Place it behind your balls
* Close it

Solid Ring (sometimes called a “Closed Ring”). These are a little more tricky to put on, but it’s often said they provide a better fit than Hinged Rings, it’s really a matter of personal choice and preference.

Solid rings need to put on and removed when the penis is soft and flaccid

* Pull a little scrotal skin through the ring, then push one testicle through
* Take a little more skin and push the other testicle through the ring
* Now bend the penis downwards and pull it through the ring

You may find that wearing the ring on its own for a few days helps your body become accustomed to the feel, your testicles in particular need to get used to the sensation. This also helps ensure that the ring you have selected is not too tight, but comfortable enough for long term wear. If the ring you select is too large you will most likely be able to escape. If too small then you will have circulation problems.