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Male Chastity Belts

Male Chastity Belts

Chastity belts and devices are designed with two primary intentions:
Whether it’s a male or female chastity belt or device they’re all designed with two purposes to restrict access to, and reduce arousal of, the genitals and to prevent intercourse.
A chastity belt, cage or tube which is suitable for long-term wear, is comfortable, un-noticeable under clothing, secure and effective is the desire of all keyholders and their chaste lovers. In reality to manufacture a chastity belt or device which meets all these requirements, prevents orgasm, stops masturbation and is made to fit all men or women is most likely a technological improbability.

There is not one single design of chastity belt or style device which meets the needs of everyone. We all have different personal preferences, body shapes and sizes, budgets, comfort and security needs.

Thankfully for men there’s a wide array of differing designs available, each with its own experiment with until you discover what’s best for you.

Can a Chastity Belt Prevent Orgasm?
In reality there is probably no male or female chastity belt or device available which will, with 100% certainty, prevent orgasm. When highly aroused it’s the mind that’s your greatest sexual organ. Suggestive commands, seductive caresses, searching tongues, and games of tease and denial can all encourage an orgasm without touching the genitals, and so wearing something preventing access to your pussy or penis is not going to prevent arousal nor orgasm. To some keyholders this is all part of teasing!
A chastity belt or device can be highly effective at preventing masturbation, it’s a sign of your fidelity, you remain loved and locked by your keyholder, and observe promises made to gain release