Pay With Credit/Debit Card


The credit card schemes listed above are the most commonly used credit cards on this website. Do not worry if your credit card scheme is not listed, we encourage you to go ahead and make the purchase.
Please note that TERNENCE.NET does not collect your credit/debit card number or personal information when you make a payment. For questions regarding your transactions on our site, please consult your card-issuing bank for information.

Tip: If you encounter a payment failure (High-risk or exceed trade limit), please contact the card issuer and ask them to authorize the transaction, and we will have the credit card center charge the order again.
You can also contact us ( [email protected] ) and we will inform you of the reason for the failed payment and the solution.

Pay With Western Union

After you have paid, please provide the traking number (MTCN) and send it to
[email protected]

(Tip: Please verify the payment information again when paying: Receiver’s Name and Receiver’s ID Number.
If the information is wrong, the payment will not be successful.)

Pay With MoneyGram

Pay With Alipay