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Does a Chastity Device Prevent Erections?

Does a Chastity Device Prevent Erections?
Strictly speaking – No

Wearing a chastity device and having less orgasms means over time it’s possible that you will mentally tune in more to other erogenous zones; such as your neck, your nipples, your ears, your balls, and perhaps your anus. Through chastity and orgasm denial you may become a more tender, more considerate, more sensitive and a more passionate lover. You may gain a better appreciation that your cock isn’t absolutely necessary for good sex. You learn to enjoy the pleasures of your own body without orgasm or direct touch to your penis. You become a better lover by discovering new ways to arouse and excite the body of your Wife, and overall you discover that your pleasure is to be found in her pleasure. Pleasing and pleasuring your Goddess is your reward – a reward that may earn you release and even orgasm.

Wearing a chastity device usually means that you actually become more sexually aroused during the day, as your mind returns to the one who holds your key. Every time you visit the bathroom you are reminded of your lock up and that this part of your body belongs to your Mistress.

Wearing any Chastity belt or device through the night will take some getting used to, and you may find this quite a challenge. This is particularly true of any device which is closed or partially closed at the end.

You will probably need to adjust your life long preferred sleeping position, sleeping on your stomach may no longer be comfortable for you. Sleeping on your back might be ideal, alternatively try sleeping on your side with a pillow under your leg. During the first month or so you may find that sleep is almost impossible due to a straining erection – this does improve with time and practice.

Another tip to improve the night time experience is to empty your bladder as much as possible before going to bed, try not to drink too much in the hours just before you retire. If it all gets too much for you then remove your chastity device and try again the following night.

But remember the chastity experience is all about what’s best for you and your keyholder. If you really find sleeping an issue, adjust your life style, don’t hurt yourself unnecessarily, and use the honour system during the night. You’ll have the added bonus of hearing the padlock click in place each morning as your keyholder instructs you to put on your device before you leave for work!